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Switter.at is where many of the sex workers who've been displaced by the closures of sex worker forums in the US have congregated. It's a node in the Mastodon network, a free, open source, federated social network that is similar to Twitter.

The number of users is growing by thousands a day, so it's one of the better places to find providers. The company that runs Switter is called AssemblyFour. They're a four-person team based in Melbourne, Australia. Their servers are also located in Australia--where prostitution is legal--so the Switter site is unlikely to be shut down any time soon due to US regulations.

Switter can be a little confusing to use at first, so I've written up a brief guide. Comments, questions, and suggestions welcome!

First, a brief word about nomenclature:

Tweets are called toots.
Retweets are called boosts.
Likes are Favourites.
Toots are seen in chronological order with the latest toots appearing in the top of your feed.
You have a 500-character limit compared to Twitter’s 140.
There is currently no general search, use hashtags, like #massage or #cammodel to find providers.
Local timeline displays only toots posted to Switter.
Federated timeline displays posts from other Mastodon servers.

* To direct message a provider you like, click on their handle (such as @alittlesunshine), then click on their hamburger menu (three horizontal bars). A menu will open up, and one of the options is "Direct message". You can also send DM's by clicking the globe icon in the composition window, and changing the privacy setting to Direct. WARNING! DM's are NOT ENCRYPTED. The mods can read them. DO NOT USE THEM FOR SENSITIVE INFORMATION. Instead, use them to set up a private communication channel via email or IM (Wire or Riot.im)

* Follow the https://switter.at/@switter account. They regularly release new features, tutorials, and announcements via this channel.

* Add the name of your city or region, plus the following tags to your profile and posts. For example, if you live in San Francisco, CA, and you want to find providers who offer #massage, tag yourself with the following tags:

#iso, #insearchof, #client, #clientlisting, #bayarea, #ca, #sanfrancisco, #sf, #usa, #massage

That way providers who offer such services can find and follow you.

* You can also search ads on Switter at https://listings.switter.at/. Search by entering the tags for the services you want, plus your location. For example, if you're looking for for massage in San Francisco, then enter the search terms "massage" and "sanfrancisco".

* To search the website, type in your provider's name and hit enter. On mobile, rotate your phone to horizontal and use the search bar.

* There are several mobile clients for Mastodon: IOS: Amaroq, Pawoo; Androig: Tusky. Note that the Tootdon app stores copies of all of your toots on their servers.

* Please choose an avatar that is safe for work. Switter.at is part of a broader federated social network, so your toots and profile image might be re-shared with Mastodon nodes outside of Switter. If too many racy images make it through, the admins of those nodes will stop federating with Switter, which will make it harder for people on Switter to follow their friends on other Mastodon nodes.

* For similar reason, mark toots that contain adult images and content with the "CONTENT WARNING" button. The button is labeled "CW" in the lower left of the toot composition window. This will allow the other instances of Mastodon to filter out the #NSFW content. You can also use this button to hide the punchlines to jokes, movie spoilers, political rants.

* You can change your profile settings so that you "ALWAYS SEE" or "NEVER SEE" sensitive content.

* You can control who sees your toots by clicking on the earth icon in the lower right of the toot composition window.

Like this guide? Connect with me!

Switter: https://switter.at/@catgun
Hubzilla: https://gerzilla.de/channel/cat-gun

Or join the sex work forums on Hubzilla:

Sexworkers: https://gerzilla.de/channel/sexworkers
Gentlemensclub: https://gerzilla.de/channel/gentlemensclub

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Here's a list of tools of use to sex workers.  Not every tool we list below meets these criteria, but we try to emphasize tools which: have the following traits:

* Open source
* Private
* Anonymous
* Secure
* Self-hostable
* Inexpensive
* Easy to use

See also

* Technical Resources For Sex Workers  ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fJSU9n8fRbKj2a-73Qbwf1z-JSBKwakFfaqCNldD3pI/edit?pli=1#heading=h.vvm65qy7xfq2) -- Crowdsourced document hosted by Liara Roux.

Sex Worker Leaders

* Mistress Mariposa - Founder of Red Umbrella Hosting.  Twitter ( https://twitter.com/ingodwetryst)  Switter()
* Liara Roux -


* Purism ( https://puri.sm/) - Security/privacy focused laptops and cell phones.  
* Yubikey ( https://www.yubico.com/) - Hardware authentication device for cryptocurrencies
* Ledger ( https://www.ledgerwallet.com/) -  Hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies
* Trezor ( https://trezor.io/) - Hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies
* OpenDIME ( https://opendime.com/) - Bitcoin stick wallet

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

* Coinbase ( https://www.coinbase.com)

Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

Hosting (Sex worker friendly; anonymous registration, cryptocurrency payment)

* Bacloud (Bulgaria) - https://www.bacloud.com/en/linux-vps-hosting

Payment processing

* Globee ( https://globee.com)
* Indiebill ( https://www.getindiebill.com/)
* Eroticflix ( https://erotifix.com/)

Payment processor reviews

* A Little Kink Online ( http://www.alittlekinkonline.com/camspace/payment-processors/#)

Decentralized video streaming

* Peertube ( https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube)
* D.tube ( https://d.tube/)
* Lbry.io (https:/.lbry.io)

Web-based encrypted message board:

* Privnote ( https://www.privnote.com)
* Ghostbin ( https://www.ghostbin.com)

Encrypted instant messaging apps

* Cryptocat ( https://crypto.cat/)
* Riot.IM ( https://riot.im)
* Wire ( https://wire.com/en/)
* Signal ( https://signal.org/)


* Self-care master-list ( http://takecare-takecare-takecare.tumblr.com/post/141793471171/giant-self-help-masterpost)

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