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A final wish for an old friend

 Corning, NY 
Hey all,

I am friends with a man who has spent approximately the last 30 years of his life towards his idea of a possible solution to world peace through a text corpus. He's currently in his mid-70s and his health is so obviously in decline. He has asked me, while still competent, to share his works with the world. I am currently creating a torrent followed by a Wordpress, functioning as a front-end, as he most certainly deserves such in the very least. He's a good man, an honorable one.

My request is simple: Once I have created a torrent of his work, I ask anyone reading willing to do so to download and seed the torrent. In doing so you will mitigate a concern for censorship by oppressive regimes. The reason for this concern is that it contains documents which talk about religions, mostly Christianity. Not hate speech or bashing. But a, to quote the title of one of the documents, "Critical Attitude" towards monotheistic religions.

I must make clear: He has no interest in creating conflict with anyone. The project is greatly complex and because of this, the tarball is quite large in size. More than a dual-layer DVD (Over 11GB).

To those reading and considering, thank you. To those willing to seed the torrent, thank you from both my friend Horace and myself.
What licensing will it have? Creative Commons? Public Domain?
Ran it past my friend. He said Public Domain. Will forge a torrent. Having car/College issues at the moment.
No issues then.
 Corning, NY 
I have never felt so alone, terrified, and mortal in my life. I have an immense sadness and feel unbearably overburdened.

And on top of it, I am welcoming a new life into the world.

I have no one to vent to. So, thanks.
OK, spill.
Vent away.
@!Brandon Smith

Hello Brandon
This is a private message

Please consider seriously professional help, if real friends are missing.
Trailer for Super Troopers 2 is out

 Corning, NY 
CDC: Flu now epidemic, number of fatal pediatric cases rises to 20

 Corning, NY 
there isn't a rule

Personally, sometimes I use the Like Botton to say: Interesting subject, but without meaning of evaluation (Like,Dislike). I just want to be informed by the notification system of Hubzilla about any discussion that may be eventually developing.
Or "I like what you're saying/showing me" or "I disagree with that but I'm glad you've brought it up" or one of any number of possible responses. Stressing over likes/dislikes is so Facebork.
The problem is how people receive the dislike. If I click like it means too the you are empathetic
KeePassX: About, Installation and how to set up Two-Step Authentication in it.

 Corning, NY 
I wrote this last summer after playing around with this software although I have heard that the software hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Enjoy! :)
Test 2

 Corning, NY 
Test post to Wordpress via Hubzilla

 Corning, NY 
Post to Wordpress from Hubzilla test
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New here

 Corning, NY 
Hey all,

I was brought here by Sean Tilley. I am interested in the science of decentralized and federated networks and Hubzilla has been the most impressive to me thus far. I come from the land of diaspora*. Been there since 2010. I have seen a lot of impressive technologies with the software! Feels great to be aboard! :)
@Mike Macgirvin Two questions:

1. I would like to connect Libertree and GNU Social (I use Quitter) and Twitter. Where do I begin with this?
2. Any chance of Facebook compatibility?
@Brandon Smith

1. Assuming that your hub's admin has enabled the plugins, the GNU Social and Libertree connectors can be found here: /settings/featured

2. At the moment, no Facebook addon exists for Hubzilla. It would not be impossible to write one (it may be possible to adapt the plugin from Friendica and adjust it for Hubzilla-native hooks), but currently no one is working on it. Generally the attitude towards such things is "If you want to see something, try working on it."
Connection to Facebook by anything that remotely resembles a social network is outlawed in their terms of service. We provided such an ability in Friendica in 2011 but it stopped working in 2012. Attempts to get our application 'approved' to allow us to use the social API calls were soundly rejected. There is a third-party service called 'buffer' that seems to be able to work with Facebook and twitter and exposes an API. I no longer have any personal interest in working on such a thing as Facebook is incompatible with my core beliefs, but others are welcome to give it a go.  

There are working (as far as I know) addons for Twitter, GNU-Social, and Libertree as well as a number of other services like WordPress.

Twitter and Libertree are just cross-posting services which require an account on that network, GNU-Social (like Diaspora and ActivityPub) is supported at the protocol level and your Hubzilla channel is all you need. WordPress is also a cross-posting service, but if you also install the wp-hubzilla plugin to WordPress you can share posts and comments both ways between the services.

Anyway after the plugins are installed by the site admin it's just a matter of visiting Settings -> Addon/Feature Settings and enabling or configuring them to your needs.
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Greetings from Norway!