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* libertarians
What about:

* Familys who want to have their own private cloud with the possibility to connect to other hubs

* Companies who want to share information and data with customers and partners and need by law control over their data

* independent artists or freelancer who want to share their art under fair licenses without giving google or facebook every right in the book over their own work

* schools who want to create their own networks while at the same time teach interested students how webservers work, how you make a professionell blog with an editorial team, how to administrate a community, and so on

* ...

I absolutely aggree that the politicaly suppressed (for whatever reasson) like sex workers in the US or drug consumers in the EU or even larger political movements or rebel groups might be attracted to the idea of Hubzilla as an censorresistant network, and I guess they can use it. But please note that public posts will be federated to other servers and might be illegal even to host in some countries (like supporting drug selling would be in Germany, I guess) and so you put anyone running his own hub in danger of punishment (in Germany maybe jail, in other, really suppressing nations maybe even worse) -- hence your servers have to be blocked.

Some of the groups you named will propably be more interested in anonymous darknet communities (maybe also running Hubzilla, why not), but the clearnet is not a lawfree space and also not really anonymous.

However, they just need to enter a name and an email.

Only if the channel privacy settings and site settings allow it.

Custom/expert permissions can do a lot of things, but we hide these from easy access for good reasons. You have complete control of your privacy, but some settings have unintended side effects - not all of them desirable. If you run into issues you're expected to solve them. You're an expert after all.
Should be fixed upstream.

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Looking for affordable, non-racist providers in Philly. Greeek service prefered but nit required. I'm seriously out of places to look or post classifieds. So, I hope someone can talk to someone to help me out.

Best of luck to you all! I hope you can continue and stay safe!
Thank you!  You rock!

I can see it in the forum...
I see too...

there is some work for me ? currently I am unemployed :-D

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Came across a site on Duckduckgo that looks like a good alternative.

Site is based & run in the UK, so less likely to go down i think
This looks like a backpage clone hosted in switzerland:


Our cult has a new evangelist. Nice work.


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You may install:
a proxy to forward http to socks (like polipo)
hidden service
Take the .onion url of the generated hidden service and install hubzilla with that.
For the installation you may name the generated hidden service in /etc/hosts
don't use ssl (cause could be difficult to get a valid cert)
generate first account with local email address like root@
Use the general proxy setting in hubzilla to forward all traffic to the proxy to forward to tor.
Disable all outgoing mail. Disable mail verification. Or you have to install an Mailserver as an onion service.

Please note: hubzilla as a hidden service is unable to connect to the regular inet, cause ZOT handshake fails. The hubzilla server in the regular Inet are unable to connect your server for verfication nor remote auth.

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