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Rock is dead. Hip Hop and Soul has taken over.

Janelle Monáe – Django Jane [Official Music Video]
by Janelle Monáe on YouTube
Good news for the moment

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EU copyright law proposal rejected

“Great success: Your protests have worked! The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board. All MEPs will get to vote on #uploadfilters and the #linktax September 10–13.…
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\#HackerNews #copyright #law #proposal #rejected
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[1][IMG] [2]Julia Reda‏Verified account @Senficon [3]7m7 minutes ago

Great success: Your protests have worked! The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board. All MEPs will get to vote on [4]#uploadfilters and the [5]#linktax September 10–13. Now letʼs keep up the pressure to make sure we [6]#SaveYourInternet![7]

[8][IMG] [9]Jan Lindgren‏ @janlindgren [10]6m6 minutes ago

Replying to [11]@Senficon

Thank you for your hard work!

[12][IMG] [13]marcus‏ @hallo_marcus [14]6m6 minutes ago

Replying to [15]@Senficon

Ganz persönlichen Dank dafür, Julia. [16]👍

[17][IMG] [18]Salivia Baker‏ @Salivia_Baker [19]5m5 minutes ago

Replying to [20]@Senficon

I saw that live. I think my heart skipped a beat. I am so relived. Now we can have a debate and not just use censorship.

[21][IMG] [22]Frédéric Couchet‏ @fcouchet [23]4m4 minutes ago

Replying to [24]@Senficon

Congratulations, thanks for your great work! \o/ <3 Let Plenary delete Article 13. Keeping fighting to [25]#SaveYourInternet

[26][IMG] [27]Ryan Jones‏ @sciguyryan [28]5m5 minutes ago

Replying to [29]@Senficon

Democracy does work sometimes! Awesome.

[30][IMG] [31]Fup Duck‏ @fup_duck [32]5m5 minutes ago

Replying to [33]@Senficon


[34][IMG] [35]The Crusty Sceptic‏ @CSceptical [36]5m5 minutes ago

Replying to [37]@Senficon [38]@hansdezwart

Thank you, for being a voice for the people of Europe! [39]#SaveTheInternet

[40][IMG] [41]lqnrd‏ @lqnrd [42]6m6 minutes ago

Replying to [43]@Senficon

Thank you and everyone else for all you have done. Now a fact-based discussion can take place to arrive at a feasible solution.

[44][IMG] [45]I‏ @Htorcke [46]6m6 minutes ago

Replying to [47]@Senficon

Vielen Dank für Euren Einsatz!!

[48][IMG] [49]Ralf‏ @Raider_MXD [50]6m6 minutes ago

Replying to [51]@Senficon

Congratulations, thanks for your great work!

[52][IMG] [53]Vault Boi‏ @thatonevaultboi [54]6m6 minutes ago

Replying to [55]@Senficon

Awesome. (Although Iʼm not from the EU)

[56][IMG] [57]Dispropaganda‏ @Dispropoganda [58]6s6 seconds ago

Replying to [59]@Senficon

This will come back, but in another form, the EU will not let this vote stand in its way, like so many times in the past it ignored democratic votes and found ways to implement its authoritarian designs as was the case with the Lisbon Treaty for example. Still, good job.

[60][IMG] [61]Whazabi‏ @Whuazabi [62]15s15 seconds ago

Replying to [63]@Senficon

Schlimmste vorerst abgewendet, vielen Dank!

[64][IMG] [65]Mme Pep‏ @MrsPepperoni [66]19s19 seconds ago

Replying to [67]@Senficon


[68][IMG] [69]Sven J. esureL, Esq.‏ @esureL [70]25s25 seconds ago

Replying to [71]@Senficon

Vielen, vielen, vielen Dank für deinen unermüdlichen Einsatz! :-)

[72][IMG] [73]Graham Smith‏ @cyberleagle [74]28s28 seconds ago

Replying to [75]@Senficon

Is there a publicly accessible list of who voted which way?

[76][IMG] [77]axel wallrabenstein‏ @walli5 [78]30s30 seconds ago

Replying to [79]@Senficon

Cool [80]🇪🇺

[81][IMG] [82]martina 🥀‏ @11dreams_ [83]38s38 seconds ago

Replying to [84]@Senficon

Thank youu

[85][IMG] [86]Tobi‏ @tobirows [87]41s41 seconds ago

Replying to [88]@Senficon

That’s great! Hope is still alive by a huge overhaul or scrapping of the proposals still needed naturally. Thanks for all your work!

[89][IMG] [90]Transhumanist‏ @neuraluplink [91]47s47 seconds ago

Replying to [92]@Senficon

Congrats and thank you for your work! Keep on!


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Brief aus Istanbul: Selbst der Schatten ist bedenklich


Was die „neue Türkei“ unmittelbar nach den Wahlen vom 24. Juni tatsächlich erlebte, zeigt, dass die Realität schlimmer sein kann als jeder Albtraum – ein Tagebuch.
#SaveYourInternet - Stop the #censorshipmachine


The EU wants to impose widespread censorship of all the content you share online. The European Parliament is the only one that can save your Internet. Act now!
Petition unterschreiben
European Parliament: Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!
If this law passes all European public hub owners will have to shut down
Favstar is for sale

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Well, if somebody wants to put a hubzilla instance on this...

Pro Membership
Pro Membership on Favstar


Starts: Wednesday May 30, 2018 @ 8:01 AM
Finishes: Wednesday May 30, 2018 @ 9:01 AM
Nette Datenschutzerklärung smiling cat face with open mouth



Jede gute Website braucht eine Datenschutzerklärung? Ok, dann machen Sie sich auf etwas gefasst. Präambel Artikel 12 der EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (kurz: DSGVO) fordert, dass ich Ihnen „i…
Wenn Sie gerne ordentliche Datenschutzerklärungen von mir lesen wollen, besuchen Sie bitte meine geschäftlichen Websites – dort läuft alles nach Vorschrift.

Ich finds so schon sehr ordentlich, alles gut lesbar :-)
Uploadfilter in der EU kommen. Der forcierte Ausbau einer Zensurinfrastruktur geht weiter.

Copyright-Reform: EU-Staaten einigen sich auf Upload-Filter und Leistungsschutzrecht


Der EU-Rat hat sich auf einen gemeinsamen Kurs für eine neue Urheberrechtsrichtlinie verständigt. Online-Plattformen müssen demnach in der Regel die Uploads von Nutzern überwachen. Zudem solle eine "Google-Steuer" kommen.
Can you dig it
Yes you can
New European Privacy laws

!Hubzilla Support Forum New European privacy law. As of May 25th nearly everybody who has a homepage is subject to the new privacy law. This amongother stuff means that you have to provide a legal statement about the privacy policy of your page.

Has anbody found a good template for such a statement? I found in german. and But I am not sure if these statements fit very well with our special type of software.
We probably should keep the history of privacy statements.

They should be in git -
@Andrew Manning or something like that?
We can have a common template but only given some generic circumstances there will be a common statement. The statement will slightly depend on the ISP statement and other factors. We cannot rule out that there might be a hub owner that intend to collect information for marketing. Then we have a problem that my hub might use information from some other hub and treat it differently than the home hub would.

Anyway I think there must be room for a per hub GDPR statement but agree that it shall be accessible at the same place on each hub. Like hub-url/gdpr which will kind of generic for all languages. The GDPR statement might not replace a privacy statement but they might support each other. There might also be other statements or agreements like how a user might behave that must be separated from the GDPR one (article 12).

I think the agreement must be versioned and I imagine that the version reference along with it's hash key can be stored along with the actual consent. As sysadmin can update the hash key in the DB this is a point where the block chain can come in handy (alright, lets call that phase B or Z or something but i really think it's a cool idea).
I'm wondering if social media will eventually become too complex for joe bloggs to use.

The unintended consequence of most regulation is to further entrench the dominant players in the market. In this case, the Googles and Facebooks of the world already have armies of lawyers to figure out what all this means and how to comply. If they get it wrong, they have the lawyers to fight it and the cash to pay fines. Small fry like us would be lucky if we only had to shut down.
Danke, aber das reicht nicht! #NoUploadFilter


Im Koalitionsvertrag wurden Upload-Filter noch als „unverhältnismäßig“ abgelehnt, jetzt setzt die Bundesregierung das Gegenteil im Rat der EU in die Tat um. Das Ergebnis könnte der Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit der Menschen über Jahrzehnte schweren Schaden zufügen. Dies ist auch deine Chance, dir bei der Regierung Gehör zu verschaffen: Upload-Filter nein danke!
Piratenpartei News (NRW)Piratenpartei News (NRW) wrote the following post Thu, 26 Apr 2018 12:22:16 +0200

“Fake news” is the newest, fakest justification for the EU link tax

The European Commission today released a proposal on combating fake news. It includes a call for the extra copyright for news sites or “link tax”, which is part of the copyright reform plans currently hotly debated in Parliament and Council. In parallel, rapporteur Axel Voss is also trying to add this justification for the law in Parliament.

Unfortunately, that’s in itself fake news. The link tax won’t help fight fake news – it will make the problem worse.
Image/photoA transparent attempt to “soup up” the link tax – cc-0 Alan Levine
The two main reasons are:
  • Putting a price tag on spreading articles from legitimate press publications (or at the bare minimum, adding legal uncertainty) is guaranteed to end up decreasing the circulation of professional news. The visibility of other sources will in turn be boosted, including fake news and propaganda.
  • The link tax will disadvantage small, new and independent publishers who rely on being listed in aggregators and having their content shared on social media. As a result, innovation in the sector and media pluralism will be harmed, which will impede the diverse and vibrant news ecosystem we need to effectively counter fake news.

Academic consensus against

In an open letter released on Wednesday, 169 scholars (including professors of journalism studies) say the plan will “play into the hands of producers of fake news” because it will “restrict further the circulation of quality news”, and thus “not guarantee the availability of reliable information so much as the dominance of fake news.

Previous studies found that the link tax “may well set back the function of the press as public watchdog” and will not foster quality journalism”.

Journalists oppose it

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project calls the link tax “a giant step backward in the fight against misinformation”, because it “would severely limit the ability of OCCRP and other independent media organizations to provide accurate and fair reporting”.

A coalition of innovative publishers representing hundreds of news outlets – who the Commission claims would benefit from the link tax – are likewise fighting against the plan, warning that it will “stifle media pluralism” and have “serious negative effects on the quality of the press”.

After years of experience with the similar German law, the journalists’ association DJV concluded: “Best abolish it”.

Competent conservatives disagree

Dorothee Bär, Germany’s new Digital Minister and a member of the staunchly conservative CSU, said that she rejects the extra copyright for news sites because it “hasn’t stood the test” and “doesn’t work”.

The CDU’s internet policy spokesperson in the German Bundestag – a fellow party member of both Günther Oettinger (who originally proposed the law) and Axel Voss (who is pushing to make it even worse) – likewise recognises the link tax as “extremely dangerous” and “a bad proposal”, correctly warning that it may lead platforms to remove real news and thus elevate dubious sources.

Jumping on the buzzword bandwagon

The Commission’s own high level expert group on fake news and disinformation did not recommend the neighbouring right. This supports the suspicion that it was included not for factual reasons, but in an attempt to jump on a buzzword bandwagon to shore up support for the Commission’s struggling proposal.

When the neighbouring right proposal was originally presented, combating fake news was not given as a motive. Adding it as a retroactive justification, unsupported by a proper impact assessment, is mission creep that’s in conflict with the much-touted principles of “better regulation”.

What to do instead

If the Commission is serious about fighting fake news, it needs to correct its course on the neighbouring right immediately.- The “presumption rule”, an alternative proposal supported by the Greens/EFA group as well as former Parliament rapporteur Therese Comodini and multiple member states in the Council, would help publishers enforce their existing copyrights without sabotaging the circulation of legitimate news. - The Greens/EFA group today launched a report on alternative models of financing investigative journalism, which suggests a number of policy solutions. - Regulating ad targeting,

Responding to the Facebook scandal: Regulate ad targeting
by Julia Reda on YouTube
, may be the best option: Ending the profiling arms race, in which internet giants gather ever more data on us in order to ever more precisely target ads, would not just protect our privacy and eliminate one way of delivering fake news to those most susceptible to it, but also return a share of the advertising market to content businesses like the news.