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just testing something. Sorry.

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nginx config

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Hi guys. I'm getting 504 error on hubzilla with nginx config. I used the sample from the git repo.

Any idea? I dont see anything in the logs,
Is that a timeout problem? I struggled with a timeouts as well. Turned out to be nginx rewrite rules.
Check these blocks:

location / {
if ($is_args != "") {
rewrite ^/(.[i]) /index.php?q=$uri&$args last;
rewrite ^/(.[/i]) /index.php?q=$uri last;

location ^~ /.well-known/ { allow all; rewrite ^/(.*) /index.php?q=$uri&$args last; }

My whole vhost is here:
Database size

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I'm exploring possibility to host a hub. Since hubzilla is federating with pretty much entire fediverse, whats the db size you guys have. Specially larger installations.
My hub is only for a single active user, and two additional part-time users. Perhaps you can extrapolate from that?

When I used the diaspora plugin, after a year my database was about 1.5GB.

I had to set up a new server, and chose not to enable the plugin. Now, after another year my database is about 400MB.
Did you use expiration @NullSpaceOddity?
Expiration: Your own content is retained and content you interact with or somehow flag as important is retained. Content from others that you don't interact with or somehow flag as important is expired.
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Actually, I don’t want the noisy Facebook-crowd here in my beautiful little beach-café in the #Fediverse. Let them stay in Disneyland.
Hi there

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So to understand. Forums are just streams, right. There is no tread lists etc, but you need to scroll through.

How do i create a forum?
How do I control who can see it and how to invite people in?
There is no tread list

There is an option in Settings > Display Settings > Content Settings to enable a blog/list mode for the channel page. This will just show the toplevel posts with an extra button to view the thread.
It would be nice to be able to switch from one display type to another without going through all these steps :-)
Like a control directly accessible on the channel page.

Can someone tell me how to get rid of the "help" links from the right side  bar? #help #hubzilla
hahahaha. yes. It seems like very powerful tool, but the UI is a nightmare.
switch to the 'suckerberg' theme - much nicer
From what' I've seen in the code, the help links disappear after 60 days.
But if you have set your account skill level to "expert" you can edit the PDLs and remove them manually. There are many PDL files so I only did it on my most used screens.
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Testing Hubzilla

Testing the basic interface of hubzilla #hubzilla
for  your questions there are

and maybe
@jameslament thanks for the info. What annys me is that when i click the link i get redirected to another instance. it should just show me the profile of that channel on my instance.
*deleted my last comment as I was wrong.

To open them in your instance you need to be connected to the channel. If it's a forum, it will apear on the left side when you view your activity stream. Click on it and it will open the forum from your instance.

while hubzilla has remote authentification you'll be able to also just use the forums you're connected to from the other instance.
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