Us + Them Tour

Starts: Wednesday October 17, 2018 @ 9:00 PM
Finishes: Wednesday October 17, 2018 @ 11:30 PM
Location: Salvador Bahia - Arena Fonte Nova
Marshall SutherlandMarshall Sutherland wrote the following post Fri, 21 Sep 2018 04:30:52 +0200
What Does It Mean To Live Our Entire Lives Under Digital Surveillance?


We live in a world in which our every word and action is recorded and preserved for perpetuity by myriad companies across the globe, our children chase approval from total strangers and algorithms profile and guide us towards products, services and beliefs they think will best suit us.

A future Supreme Court nominee may find themselves being questioned about some tweet they made as a 13 year old.
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Alexandre Hannud AbdoAlexandre Hannud Abdo wrote the following post Wed, 19 Sep 2018 01:49:37 +0200
7:57 Am-Pm, 11'

7:57 Am-Pm, 11'
by Simon Lelouch on Vimeo

Très beau. Mais ne vous laissez pas prendre par des interprétations simplistes.
vamos reportar...pode estar relacionado com uma característica que temos nas paginas do admin..mas primeiro vamos esperar MrJive pra ter a confirmação
Sempre qui...
allora bisogna segnalare , magari specificando versione ecc....
perché non mi sembra un problema da poco
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olive harvesting
At the end of the day @els Mussols is an olive finca. Harvesting time is coming and we are looking for folks to come and help.

We need help for the last week of October and the first two weeks of November. It's hard but fun work. We provide (free) accommodation and we eat communally.

Anyone up for an unusual holiday?

Ask questions...
my dear .... #50 years of Led Zeppelin
Fucking yeah!

Led Zeppelin - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Earls Court 1975
by ledzeppelin on YouTube

I 50 anni dei Led Zeppelin - Musica


In uno scantinato di Londra la rivoluzione musicale dei '70


#music #LedZeppelin

!Zot universe NEWS
Me encanta la foto :-).
What is H2S :-D
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Hairway to Stephen!  Great album by the Butthole Surfers!
In prehistoric times, music, like dance and every other artistic endeavor, was is a branch of magic, one of the old and legitimate instruments of wonder-working.

by James Hermann Lamentus Hesse
these days the moon and mars are flirting endlessly ....

Coleman Hawkins - Soul blues
by simonsaid66 on YouTube

!Anima Jazz
I'm sad.
People really does not understand a simple thing.
I am a foreigner in a country where I have been practically "adopted", and I must respect customs, traditions, religions, etc.
Often I get angry in this country, but I can not do that much, but I can not afford to miss a job opportunity for example (also because unemployed) just because one of my contacts does not want to use a tag when it was already asked him if he could please use it in a post, because it  happens to open hubzilla in any place ... and then near or behind me there are people of all kinds, of all the religions possible and imaginable... in this metropolis.
the tag was created for a certain purpose.... and not for censor or protest or scold  :facepalm ...just for to hide a post momentarily, which can be opened anytime later. omg

what saddens me is that people do not understand something as simple as this...or for example that some of my contacts do not know, or they do not care, that in the city where I live 50% of population still today is scandalized with certain images (that are drawings or photos does not matter). I, after almost 20 years, I know this city well, and its population.
I do not want to find myself in embarrassing situations just because a person does not understand a certain situation, among other things simple to understand, does not want to use a tag, which is a very very simple thing.
<3 #Italia <3

Wow Tapes: Italia
by WOW Tapes on Vimeo
L’istruttore di sub salva l’allievo dal morso di uno squalo (a mani nude) - Corriere TV


Mai voltare le spalle ad uno squalo. La scena nelle acque vicino a Tiger Beach, Bahamas
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!sea and beach lovers
 from Diaspora
the second season of #Goliath does not disappoint.
Episode 7 a masterpiece! :like
!TV series point
FIrst season was great!
Cervello come hard disk, riscrive memoria sui brutti ricordi - Scienza & Tecnica


Individuati i neuroni delle esperienze traumatiche