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Can someone, please, remind me the RSS link of the account that announces Hubzilla new releases and posts changelogs?
My old computer is gone and the RSS app with it :(
There seemes to be no way to subscribe to GitLab repository releases (tags) directly, so I was subscribed to the local account. But which one was it?
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@Max Kostikov Yes, it was probably this account. Seems to be unavailable at the moment.

@Moussieri Thank you.
Delete notification for expired posts

Hello, !Hubzilla Development

Can it be that Hubzilla posts with expiration date do not send delete notifications, or send some not understood by diaspora?

Yesterday I created an expiring post in Hubzilla, which was automatically deleted today. But I can still see my post in Hubzilla profile from diaspora account. diaspora developers say diaspora respects post deletions, from their answer I figured there shouldn't be any delays.

If Hubzilla doesn't send deletion notifications for expired posts to other networks, does it make this feature useful only for private posts? Public posts will gain little from it, outside of Hubzilla. If this can't be fixed, perhaps, this feature could be available only when the post permission is set to anything but "public" (or show warning if it's switched to "public")?
With Zot6, Zap, Denim, Red, and Mule in various phases of development I'm spread a bit thin at the moment.

It's always comforting to have a slightly insane person at the helm. Or actively redesigning the ships upon which we are all sailing. Right?
It's almost like you haven't been listening for the last two years. I'm on a different ship in a different bloody ocean. If you think I'm steering Hubzilla, you're seriously mistaken. Last couple of weeks was the first time in over a year that I've touched Hubzilla code since Mario has been mostly offline and a couple of urgent issues needed to be dealt with.
Thank you for your work, Mike (and all the Hubzilla devs).
Every fix improves the software!
Software name

Hello, !Hubzilla Development
Is there a reason why statistics site poduptime calls Hubzilla software "Redmatrix"? Is it the preferred software name?  If it's a remnant of older days, should an issue be opened in Poduptime repo to change it to "Hubzilla"?
@sasiflo Yes, I wanted to find out whether it's safe to ask to change it to Hubzilla, that seems to be more relevant.

@James Lamentus Thanks a lot :) That was quick. I hope they'll change it then. There aren't so many statistics Fediverse websites. I often share those websites with newcomers who need to choose a server. So it will be good if the software names are consistent, to avoid confusion.
According to that link, it was changed from hubzilla back to redmatrix early last year; more than a year and a half after the rebranding from redmatrix to hubzilla.
There's no cloud, only someone else's computers.

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This post is irrelevant to Hubzilla.
It has been deleted.
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This was just a wordplay with Zion meaning.
@Max Kostikov I thought so. Two developers of Hubzilla are from Australia (Austral-ian) and Austria (Austr-ian). That's the main reason for "hubzillians". If the community develops another name for its users, all the better.
I think "Hubzillians" sounds pretty awesome, as is.

Good afternoon, #Hubzilla

I need help.

As @olddellian noticed below, it is possible for anyone (?) to leave messages on my channel. Separate posts, not  comments under my posts. Are there permissions somewhere in settings that disable this behaviour, or is it intentional?
yeah, but when you   have  a certain skill level ( account) you can see  also 'expert'  in the 'privacy' part in /settings/channel, and with 'expert' you can really decide  your 'set permissions'.
Ah-huh! Finally saw it. "Other" -> "Custom/Expert Mode". Very cool! Thank you.

And the cheatsheet is a valuable link, thanks a lot for sharing!
@olddellian Can I ask you to share similar Hubzilla related materials / articles in the future, if you come across any, please? There aren't many good detailed articles about Hubzilla, the ones that will help newcomers understand the network better. I wouldn't wish to miss any. Gotta add them all to Hubzilla related page on Fediverse website.

I'm curious, how is your name supposed to be pronounced? Light-one or light-tone? Or maybe lye--tone?

I'm also curious what happens when I post from here ( Does it show up on your channel the same as if you had posted something? Is that intentional? I'm still not quite used to Hubzilla if you can't tell.
Hmm, looks like it does show up on your channel, sorry about that.

Back at my home server, this shows up as:
olddellian via lightone

Do you have some kind of permission set to allow others to post through you?
:) It was supposed to be light-one, but I don't really mind if anyone reads it in any other way.

I'm relatively new to Hubzilla myself, and it's the first time someone posted someting other than a comment under my post. I've looked through settings but can't find one that would deal with posts by anyone else on my channel. This is odd
you need to change your skill level of your channel (in the settings)   and you can modify permissions