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Hello, #Hubzilla

Recently I examined all federated networks (generally referred to as Fediverse), and it turned out that 9 out of those use AGPLv3 license, 1 - uses GPLv3, 1 - Apache-2.0, and 1 - MIT (Hubzilla).

MIT in itself is a great license. May be just a little too permissive, by standards of the #FOSS world.
There probably were specific reasons behing choosing MIT?
James Lamentus
foss >free open source software
@James Lamentus Yes, you are right. I was doubtful whether to ask this question or not, but still decided to ask, out of curiosity. I wonder whether may be there are some reasons, like using parts of code from other library or project, that may prompt a project to use particularly MIT license.

As far as I understand it, developers who choose free open source licenses, usually do it because they believe that code should always be available to end users as their natural right, thus it's a little unwise to let anyone use your code in a closed source product (which MIT permits).

I know it's an old-time discussion of open source vs free open source. Probably the abundance of foss lovers in my contacts made me a little biased in this discussion.
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Someone good added Fediverse to Wikipedia. It’s official!

Aaand, we have a 12th gem in Fediverse world 🐣
Fedibook by @BanjoFox ←

“A macroblogging free, open-source social network server, designed from the ground-up with privacy, security, and freedom in mind. The back-end is built on #Rust

Also have a look at Mastodon-Hardened by @kaniini.

Mastodon instances overview:

lightonelightone wrote the following post Tue, 28 Nov 2017 00:07:24 +0100
Hello, fedizens

How do you like the plan of creating a website dedicated to all federated networks?
To group all knowledge in one place, like wiki, but in a more appealing format
. I have a domain, a general idea, and a pizza. If anyone wants to join and ~~eat~~ create together, would be äwesome 👀

Small projects, for starters
- Social buttons for your (static) blogs
- Gradient badges, for your repos
- Fediverse logos, and some [wip]

Ideas for future projects
- A repo with stickers for all networks: grab 'em and print 'em
- A landing page, describing (shortly) all advantages of federated networks - to send the link to friends as a promo campaign
- A static website about the Fediverse, with links, news and some fun pages

#distributopia #fediverseparty
@Woozle Hypertwin Hi! That's great, thanks for the links. I've bookmarked it and will keep an eye in case you continue updating :) I hope to also create something on those lines, but not in the form of a Wiki, rather a static website with multiple pages and some images - to potentially attract more new users to Fediverse.

I rarely post in Hubzilla, am new to it, also hard to be active in all Fediverse networks at once. I'll try to share various links related to Fediverse here as well.
Woozle Hypertwin
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I figure Hubzilla can fill the "long-form posting" niche in the fediverse. I come from more that side of social networking (LiveJournal -> Dreamwidth -> Facebook -> Google+) than from the microblogging (Twitter -> Mastodon) side.

Hmm... for some reason, it won't register my "thumbsup" on your comment...

(edit) ...and yet I see the thumbsup after submitting the comment. Okay.
Yes, thumbs up takes time to update here.

Hubzilla is a great social network, if only a little too great for average users (takes time to get used to it). I was first exposed to diaspora (which is also fine for long-form) and already have a lot of contacts there. But I'm determined to explore Hubzilla and its features. Especially its unique features :)
NewHere's Question

Subscribing to hashtags (to get posts with those tags from the network  into my stream) is not possible in Hubzilla, right?
Maria Karlsen
It's just /yoursite/pubstream :-)
Mike Macgirvin
On this network we tend to use Forums rather than followed tags - it's equal opportunity regardless of server size. Following tags tends to discriminate in favour of large sites over small sites. I won't bore you with the details.

You can however follow Diaspora tags by selecting what tags you want to follow in your settings->Addon/Feature (Diaspora Protocol) settings. This uses the Diaspora relay servers and is only supported by a fraction of the Diaspora network - but it's the best option available. Searching the public stream for tags is the next best option, but this can also subject you to a lot of spam and "adult" content; so not all sites have it enabled. I believe does.
Thanks a lot for the answer, Mike.
It'd be more interesting to read posts specifically from Hubzilla community, because diaspora content gets to me in diaspora :) I'll try to find forums related to my interests.

About diaspora: I think the problem of Hubzilla comments not federating is not related only to your instance and joindiaspora. I can't see any comments on my first post here from (diaspora instance) either. And, I think, Hubzilla posts that have no hashtags are also not federated to some diaspora instances (so it might be beneficial to use tags).
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@Maria Karlsen Thanks :) Sorry for late replies, I don't login often, am only starting to explore Hubzilla.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Nice colors. Welcome!
Thanks, Alexandre!
hello world

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Hey, Hubzilla.
I'm newhere.
Long live #fediverse

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Maria Karlsen
Thank you :)