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I am trying to install Hubzilla on a shared hoster. Basically, the guided installation process runs pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, I was not able to send emails or log anything. Here's the base URL:

What I did so far:
* create database
* include Let's-Encrypt SSL certificate
* git clone the source
* import the addons
* import the documentation
* run the installation wizard
* as I did not have the right to run crontab I configured an external cron running every 15 minutes

I try to list structure my questions a little bit:
1. Is the installation on a shared hoster generally possible?
2. Which are the next steps?
3. How do I setup email and logging?
* I tried to register on the node (, but no email was sent.
* As I was trying to look into the logs I could not find any.
* Do I need to setup logging? If so, where are the logs stored?
4. Is there something as an admin account on the web frontend?
* If so, how do I get there and which are the credentials?

Thanks for your help!
It turns out that email does actually work. It just took a couple of minutes.

But I would be happy to get feedback on the other points :-)
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Do I need to setup logging?  If so, where are the logs stored?

I guess Hubzilla use system logfile -  s.
Mike Macgirvin
I use shared hosting and I created hubzilla, so it is definitely possible - but be advised that we use more resources than your typical WordPress blog. Once you've done the web installation and created an account, it's mostly a matter of going through the admin page and configuring the site to your desires - although the defaults usually provide a functional site.

Logfiles can go anywhere. We typically use pathnames that are relative the hubzilla root directory, but you have to be able to create a file that hubzilla can write to; so we left this as a personal decision. You can use an absolute path if you desire, and on many  sites you may need  to put the logs into a special directory with www-data write permissions. (We provide a logfile rotation addon, or you can use the system logfile rotator, and configuring these will generally require some attention to file permissions.)
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