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Nuevo artículo en mi blog

Hoy en mi blog hago una comparativa de dos sabores de #scheme ( #chicken y #racket ) porque me parecía interesante tener un dato más para elegir:
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Libres días gente. Lunes....inicio de semana....día de regar mis plantas....día de actualizar mi Antergos GNU/Linux #mafalda
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Libres días gente. Feliz semana.
#mafalda !mafaldaeterna

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Found this in #Mastodon, and thought is so true...

#nationalism #humans
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The ultimate Blender config for video editing

Blender can be a PITA to set up for video editing the first time, so I made you gals and guys a SSTP (Short, Sweet, and To the Point) Guide / Tutorial, since you're all my friends and everything 🐸 I wrote it in English so that everybody can follow along. Took me the best part of this sleepless night... Mkay? T's go!

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First things first

  • Always use the latest version ; If your distro's package is out of date (it probably is) download it from the web site and run it straight from the directory. Your user preferences will be stored elsewhere, and will persist between updates.
  • In the first combobox / dropdown menu of the main top menu, select Video Editing;
    • Remember this weird idiosyncrasy: In Blender, All windows / areas have their menu at the bottom, except for the main one. Yeah, I know, shut up.
  • Select AV Sync in the combobox / dropdown menu just right of the sequencer transport controls (#7 in the image).
  • Right click on area separators / borders and select Split area and Join area, and then use the Current editor type for this area (the bottom left menu button of every area bottom menubar) to get to the layout that you like;
  • Select menu File / Save Startup File to save your layout.

My configuration

In the above image, by numbers

  • The VSE (Video Sequence Editor) window. Note the area type: It's a Video Sequence Editor area with the Sequencer only (See #5) toggled in;
  • This window displays whatever I need at the moment ; Currently, the keyframe Graph Editor; Typically, I switch between this and the Dope Sheet Editor, and that's it;
  • The render(ing) is displayed in the UV/Image editor (see Display in the Properties Editor window (#6 in the image)) without menu;
  • The Info window gives me meaningful information in real time, like if and when my inputs register, when things start to get slow ; I can always collapse it out if I don't need it at the moment;
  • The "preview" window. Note the area type: It's a Video Sequence Editor area with the Image preview only (the red "checkered" icon) toggled in;
  • The Properties Editor window
  • The sequencer controls ; It's a Timeline Editor collapsed (menubar only) window because I don't need the Timeline (see #1) just the menu bar.

Other details worth noting

  • I use the Elsiyun theme;
  • All the rulers in all the Editor windows are labeled in "frames" rather than "Timecode" (Menu View / Show Frame Number Indicator) and when I need the time code, I use the View menu.

Now get to work

  • In the Properties Editor (#6 in the image) in the first Render tab, set your project resolution, framerate and output format & directory, and save (Ctrl+S);
  • With your mouse pointer inside the VSE area (#1 in the image) press Shift+A and select Movie, Image or Sound to import your elements (or drag & drop 'em from your file manager);
  • Those movie, sound or effect blocks are called a strip in Blender VSE, and thoughout the present document.

Moving around

  • Press Alt+A to play / pause;
    • You can (I know I do) use the Velvet Goldmine addon to improve the sequencer ergonomics.
    • Play / Pause with Space
    • Set the START with Shift+Alt+S with the focus in the VSE (In Blender vanilla, you're forced to move the focus to the Timeline Editor);
    • Set the END with Shift+E with the focus in the VSE;
    • And many other logical commands (like cutting and deleting strips) see here.
  • As usual in Blender, a Left Mouse Button (LMB) click positions the pointer / playhead, and a Right Mouse Button (RMB) selects objects;
    • If that just creams your corn, just change this in the User Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U) in the Input tab, section Mouse;
  • Press LEFT to move one frame back, and RIGHT to move one frame forward;
  • Press Page UP to snap the playhead to the next strip in the timeline ; Press Page DOWN to jump to the previous. People, this is a killer feature, so remember to use it to move around and position thing precisely.
  • To select multiple objects, press B and lasso 'em in.


  • Press . to zoom in on the selected object;
  • Press Home to see the whole project timeline. Remember that all those commands work all across Blender, so use them everywhere: Example: Press Home within the render or preview area to center the image.


  • To move a movie, sound or effect strip (or anything across all of Blender, like a keyframe in the Graph Editor for instance) press G (grab) ; To constraint the move on an axis, press Y (vertical) or X (horizontal); R to rotate, S to size / scale. At that point, if you don't move the mouse but instead enter a number, you move/rotate/scale the selected object by that many (meaningful) units.
  • To cut a selected strip, position the playhead over it and press K;


Select two overlapping strips: Click on the first, then hold down Shift and click on the second, the press Shift+A; - select Effect Strip / Cross (or Wipe).

Animating further

Here is how you animate basically anything in Blender.
  • Select a Strip, position the playhead at the start;
  • In the Edit Strip panel at the right (if it is collapsed, click on the + icon to reveal it)
    • Change something, like say, the opacity: Click on Opacity, enter .5 and press Return;
    • Now hover your mouse pointer over the Opacity control, and press I: You have just created a keyframe at this frame, for this property (Open a Dope Sheet Editor window / area to edit every aspect of it) and the Opacity control now changed color (in the above image, you can see that a keyframe has been set for the X & V positions of the selected strip, and that the relevant controls are now colored green).
  • Now get forward in time to the end of the strip, either by clicking with your mouse, or by using the Page UP / Page DOWN keys (See "Moving around") and repeat the process, this time setting the opacity to the max: Click in the Opacity control, enter 1 and press Return, Press I to set the keyframe (Alt+I to delete it);
  • The opacity will now go from half to full for the duration of those two keyframes, and this is how you do it in Blender; Basically every parameter is keyframable.


  • With your mouse pointer inside the Timeline Editor area press S to set the START of the sequence to be rendered, move the playhead and press E to set the END;
  • Press Ctrl+F12 to render the project between the START and END frames;
  • Press F12 to render just the current frame.
If you have a stupid question, don't hesitate to ask, those are the best. I mean type. Of question, that is. I don't do "smart" questions ;)

And there you have it, you are now a Blender VSE ninja, so give them all heaven ✴️yPhil, 28 apr 2018
Check out my videos and...

Please consider 🍎 HELPING your 🌐 local artist :)

#blender #video #animation #tutorial #linux #libre #floss
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La Perdita Generacio : Pluku ne la florojn (SvEspKon 2015 Upsalo)
by lumejo on YouTube

No arranques las flores hermosas, cariño mío.
Déjalas brillar todo el verano,
déjalas vivir,
déjalas no pertenecer a nadie.
No se captura el misterio.

No arranques los pájaros hermosos, cariño mío.
Déjalos volar todo el verano,
déjalos cantar,
déjalos querer la libertad.
Tomarlos en la mano causaría la muerte del misterio.

No arranques la gente hermosa, cariño mío.
Déjala amar todo el verano,
déjala vagar,
déjala sonreír.
De todos modos, no se puede capturar el misterio.

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Hogaño en mi #jardín habrá una buena cosecha de #membrillo. Esperemos que los pájaros me los respeten.

Otro año que me veo repartiendo dulce de membrillo a todo el mundo, en mi casa sólo lo como yo.
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Una madre crea para sus hijas una colección de cromos de la Liga de Fútbol Femenina
¡Qué iniciativa más curiosa :-)!

María Vázquez, periodista y madre de tres niñas, crea de forma totalmente artesanal una colección de más de 250 cromos con jugadoras de la Liga de Fútbol Femenina. "A mis hijas les encanta, se identifican con las jugadoras", dice María, que ha pedido ayuda para poder completar con las fotos y datos que le faltan

Una madre crea para sus hijas una colección de cromos de la Liga de Fútbol Femenina

Hoy en mi blog un artículo sobre la utilización de tablas en #emacs y #org-mode
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Hoy en mi blog hablo un poco sobre #scheme, programación #funcional y programación #literaria, con un ejercicio simple que he hecho para ir aprendiendo esas prácticas