Pervis LaVawn and the Commanders - "Soul Dance No. 3"


Carl Holmes and the Commanders w/Pervis Herder "Soul Dance No. 3" (Blackjack, 196?)
by Jonathan Toubin on YouTube
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Forbidden sign??

!Hubzilla Support Forum Hi, I'm new to Hubzilla, and I'm trying to add contacts from my other networks. But I've found that almost everyone that I add has a forbidden sign on the bottom right corner of their profile picture (see picture below), and I can't see their posts on my "network stream". It seems that I can only add contacts properly from the ActivityPub networks...

I activated all protocols on my settings. What am I doing wrong?
And what does that forbidden sign mean btw?

Thanks a lot,

It just means they have not connected back to you. At least that is what it means for a Zot connection. I don't know if the answer is more complicated than that for a cross-network connection.
The cause is a unidirectional friendship. They haven't confirmed the friendship request.
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