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Sad 🐼 😒
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And I know it’s ancient and silly, but I really enjoyed the few minutes I spent with minuet today.

Gopher, telnet, ftp, email, and web + note taking and basic multitasking on a 286 with 1mb ram???

University of Minnesota very nearly changed the course of the future of the internet. Too bad the politics got in the way.
@New Here+ is it possible to import a specific message from Mastodon into hubzilla?  I'm try to reply to an old Post.
I'm in gerzilla  and I can 'reshare' the posts from mastodon (from my mastodon contacts)
Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to import old posts from Mastodon. However, once you've connected to a Mastodon contact, you'll be able to see any subsequent post that they make.
In theory, I guess it's possible to write an importer. I think Mike was working on a Diaspora import at one point...
Downside to hubzilla is that you don't see the whole conversation from mastodon unless you're actively following the other people
BTW: to make sure that you connect to a mastodon contact via activitypub you can prepend [activitypub] to the URI e.g. [activitypub]https://mastodon.social/users/somenickname.
pubcrawl is now activated on gerzilla.de
Hubzilla kinda reminds me of secure scuttlebutt but for vanilla web instead of p2p. The upside is the barrier to entry is lower. Although patchwork is a single file download so not that much lower.
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TIL lgbt.io
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Doctorow takes on the "no one makes a living off of patreon" thingamajigger
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> The first message between two computers on ARPANET was sent #OTD in 1969. The β€œLO” of β€œLOGIN” was transmitted before one system crashed.

> This was followed by a second "LOGIN" command.

> So the first three characters sent over ARPANET?

> "LOL".


Ok time for bed. for reals
gerzilla.de is my new main identity, wooo. I really like this nomadic identity concept
me too. and it reminds me I should use hubzilla more often.
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