Description: Game warden for the information rhinoceros
Location: Texas, US
About: atheist, socialist definitely left.
Description: Charles Graham
Location: LaGrange, Georgia, USA
Keywords: Android, Phones, Travel, Hunting
Location: Bad Kreuznach, Deutschland
Hometown: Bad Kreuznach
Location: Suramerica, - Rincón violento
Keywords: Socialism, art, eros, rock, music, philosophy, filosofía, foto, photo, muziko, langauges
About: “Why is it distracting, relaxing, entertaining to sink oneself in someone else’s life and problems, to identify oneself with a painting or a piece of music […] Why this desire to fulfill unfulfilled lives through other figures, other forms, to gaze from the darkness of an auditorium at a lighted stage where something that is only play can so utterly absorb us?” Ernst Fischer, The necessity of Art.
Location: Dandenong South, Australia
Description: BrandonTheVegan
Age: 27
Location: Corning, New York, United States
About: Labelle is the best slimming centre and it provides advanced treatments in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.
Keywords: webdevelopment, design, crypto, fediverse
About: 👽 On a mission to promote federated networks

Keywords: Anime, Fansub, Animes, Fansubs
Age: 52
Location: Ungarn
Description: Linux Hacker
Keywords: Linux, Munich, Grufti, Waver, Gothic, Rust
Description: En este perfil expondré reflexiones entradas de blog y noticias.
Location: Andalucía, España (Spain)
Keywords: español, cultura, libre, softwarelibre, historia, política, ñ
Description: Teacher
Age: 61
Location: Germany
Hometown: Minden
Description: aka JL aka GV aka EV aka VG
Keywords: hubzilla, foss, music, sea, peace, romantic
Description: unterwegs im digitalen Raum für mehr Datenschutz, Nachhaltigkeit und freie Kommunikation
Keywords: Nachhaltigkeit, Pressefreiheit, Kommunikation, Überwachung, Vernetzung, Hubzilla, Medienordnung, greennetproject
Keywords: freebsd, os, computer, unix
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Age: 45
Location: Germany
Description: #prestashop
Location: Suisse
Keywords: français, Suisse, federation, diaspora, gnusocial, prestashop

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Description: Mystery Fiction Lovers
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