Description: Attac-Ortsgruppe für Lübeck
Location: Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
About: Die attac Regionalgruppe Lübeck ist seit Ende 2001 in Bewegung. Derzeit sind wir rund 90 Mitglieder. Fördermitglieder und aktive Menschen sind immer herzlich willkommen!
Description: No menfado, illo, pero me da corae.
Location: Portus Vandalus
About: Dulce niña del verano. Vegana, bruja, aprendiza de tejedora, exploradora de conlangs. Sobreviví a tu Apocalipsis y ahora hago pan.

Profile picture from "Fables, Volume 2: Animal Farm" by Bill Willingham.
Description: Bs As 1969 > Montevideo 1987
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Location: Suramerica, - Rincón violento
About: “Why is it distracting, relaxing, entertaining to sink oneself in someone else’s life and problems, to identify oneself with a painting or a piece of music […] Why this desire to fulfill unfulfilled lives through other figures, other forms, to gaze from the darkness of an auditorium at a lighted stage where something that is only play can so utterly absorb us?” Ernst Fischer, The necessity of Art.
Description: #prestashop
Location: Suisse

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