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woowoo nuru session is one of my favorite! lol


xwoowoo nuru session is one of my favorite! lol

so so so will break down some basics!

  1. as /u/sunniyellowscarf say gel may eventually get sticky and gross. this because water gel ratio mix off and room too cold. first must use enough hot water mixing with gel for proper ratio. second must start session freshly showered and not dried off (start session wet from shower). lastly turn up heat in room both bodies should be sweating because nori stay activated with humidity (shower steam) and sweat.

  2. use rubber sheet or inflatable mattress just for nuru. personally i love exxxtreme sheet i link.....super easy cleanup and kingsize bed so much more fun romping around lots of space.

  3. cleanup! have half dozen beach towel ready for cleanup. always always always wipe nuru off with large dry towel first. nuru reactivate with any moisture so using wet towel for cleanup just spread mess around. towel yourself off first and towel client off and while client in shower towel sheet off. sheet now completely dry in less than minute and can strip bed put sheet in machine wash. personally i hang dry have never used dryer but my apartment have large balcony can hang sheet over balcony rail for air dry. outcall.....sheet totally dry once towel off so fold into carry bag and wash later.

  4. contact! treat nuru session as happy ending massage not penetrative sex. body slide or body rub obviously make contact with penis but no penetrative sex or "stripper slide" or vaginal contact. during slide will contact penis with breasts and other "crevice" like armpit or between thighs or between calves but always preventing actual vaginal contact.

  5. penetrative sex only done after nuru slide over!

  6. condoms! is safe for penetrative intercourse after nuru as long care taken before pull out condom for sex. wipe hands dry with towel and wipe client penis and crotch dry with towel. never never wash because water just reactive nuru make even more slippery! dry nuru residue okay but must be dry residue. put on condom as normal and dry nuru residue create almost gluelike seal of condom on penis. have never had condom slide off as long as area dry before roll on condom.

  7. penetrative sex okay even with wet nuru on sheet and other part of body just be aware.....continuing nuru slide with condom on may work wet nuru gel under base of condom which may slowly work way up shaft.....which may lubricate condom inside enough slide off. so this why i say.....body slide first then penetrative sex as separate finale of session.

  8. if client cum during nuru slide.....do not take chance with condom for second go until both have had full shower. but even if nuru dry on bed during shower is okay. steam from shower and wet bodies and sweat reactive nuru residue on rubber sheet so will get slippery again as soon as hop back on bed.

  9. my favorite mr. nori's pink nuru and mix with hot water in large bowl (or ice bucket for outcall lol). but yesterday i notice mr. nori's web site and youtube channel disappear. i make post on /r/sextoys asking if anyone know what happen with mr. nori's. /r/SexToys/comments/7fg8hj/what_happen_to_mr_noris_nuru_gel_web_site_and/

so.....uhhhhh.....hope that help! lol any other question just ask!