tools_for_sex_workers: vps_providers

Criteria for inclusion

  • Must accept cryptocurrency as payment.
  • Must allow anonymous registration (no credit card, paypal, or phone required).
  • Must not explicitly disallow sex work in their TOS.
  • Management and servers must be located outside the US.
  • Must be in a sex worker tolerant location. (Sex work need not be wholly legal, provided that the government is unlikely to prosecute web site operators.)
Country Name URL Bitcoin Monero Anonymous Registration Notes
Canada Root.host https://www.root.host No Yes Yes Confirmed that individual sex worker websites will not shutdown, unless required by Canadian government.
Iceland Datacell https://datacell.is Yes No Yes
Iceland 1984.IS https://1984.is Yes No Yes
Iceland OrangeWebsite https://orangewebsite.com Yes No Yes
Iceland Red Umbrella https://redumbrella.ch Yes No Yes Sex worker owned and operated. Also operates the blacklist https://ourlist.nl
Iceland Flokinet https://flokinet.is Yes Yes Yes Headquartered in Iceland, but also has servers in Romania
Lithuania Hostinger https://hostinger.com Yes No Yes
Netherlands Abelohost https://abelohost.com Yes No Yes Hosting company used by Liara Roux. Located in the Netherlands.
Netherlands Cyberbunker https://cyberbunker.com Yes No Yes
Netherlands Libertyvps https://libertyvps.net Yes No Yes
Netherlands Anonymous.io https://anonymously.io/ Yes No Yes
New Zealand Zappiehost https://www.zappiehost.com Yes No Yes Also has servers in India and South Africa.
Panama CCI Hosting https://www.ccihosting.com/ Yes No Yes
Sweden PRQ https://prq.se Yes No Yes
Sweden Bahnhof https://bahnhof.net Yes No Yes
United Kingdom Lolekhosted https://lolekhosted.net Yes No Yes
United Kingdom Ablative Hosting https://ablative.hosting Yes No Yes